It is the branch of dentistry which deals with health of the teeth and the gum surrounding the roots. It has become very popular in the recent years as people have found out that the gum directly affects dental esthetic. The branch of Periodontology includes tartars, gum operations, flap operations, papilla operations, deep curettage and implantology.

Especially excessively visible gums while smiling (Gummy smile) where the gum is floppy over 3 mm cause an unpleasant esthetic. In recent years, the gum is made as desired by often application of gingivectomy and gingivoplasty for this operation.

We, as the CTG Oral and Dental Health Center, apply the other operations to our patients requiring cosmetic surgery after evaluating the situation.

How Should a Healthy Gum Appear?

Light pink gum in the appearance of orange peel;
An even gum boundary covering the teeth from root starts and following their counters;
No flushness, swelling or infection;
No bleeding during tooth-brushing or use of dental floss;
No uncomfortable feeling,
A durable and hard appearance.

Reasons for Gingival Diseases:

The main reason for gingival diseases is the residue called either bacterial plaque or “microbial dental plaque” consisted of a sticky, transparent layer which originates from ineffective and irregular tooth-brushing, and which holds on the teeth tightly. As it has the same color as the tooth, it is difficult to see it with eye. Structure of the plaque is soft and it can be easily removed by use of a toothbrush and dental floss. If the plaque is not removed for a period of time, it calcifies, hardens and causes tartar. Rough structure of tartar leads to the plaque to accumulate more quickly, thus the infection grows more quickly too.

Other reasons for gingival diseases;

Smoking is highly harmful for oral mucosa and gums. It causes softening of the gums and growth of gingival diseases.
Genetic factors have effect on their formation at a level of 30% according to the study carried out.
During periods when hormonal changes such as pregnancy, puberty, menopause and menstruation are intensive, more attention must be paid to oral hygiene; during such periods, gums are more sensitive.
The study has shown that stress makes the body’s fighting against infection more difficult and has an effect on formation of periodontal diseases.
Use of medication, contraceptive pills, antidepressants, heart pills affects our oral health. If you use any of those medications, please warn your dentist to ensure the treatment’s well-going and pay more attention to your oral hygiene.
Gritting or gnashing the teeth cause damage to periodontal tissue arising from decrease in the force between the teeth and the gum. Another reason for gingival disease is gritting teeth. Gritting teeth must be avoided by applying night plaque.
Diabetics are included in the high risk group in term of periodontal (gingival) infection. They must have their gingival checks made by a periodontologist and also pay attention to their oral hygiene.
Malnutrition leads to a weak immune system and consequently the body’s fighting against infections including gingival infections becomes more difficult.
Fillings, crowns and bridges pressing the gum and made intemperately also cause problems.

Considerations for a Healthy Gum:

Every day brush your teeth efficiently and regularly and use dental floss.
Apply a well-balanced diet and avoid useless calories and sticky food.
Learn to examine yourself and perform it routinely, thus you can recognize first signals of any oral or dental change.
Visit a dentist at least twice a year and get your tartar, if any, cleaned.

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