If you’re sick of your dentures, the way they slip in your mouth and how you’re unable to eat the foods that you really want to, then perhaps all-on-four dental implants are the right choice for you. Instead of worrying what your dentures are doing, enjoy a beautiful smile and fixed teeth with confidence. So say goodbye to your dentures forever with all-on-four implants.

What Are They?

All-on-four dental implants are designed to replace a whole mouthful of missing teeth in a single day. They include a combination of implants and bridges. Four implants are inserted into your jaw bone, and temporary dental bridges to form replacement teeth for your entire mouth, if needed, are screwed onto them by your dentist. They then remain there for four to six months before being replaced by permanent bridges when your jaw has healed properly. They look and function as normal teeth, can improve facial structure as well as speech, and give you confidence in situations where dentures would not.

How Long Do They Last?

Once the permanent teeth have been placed in your mouth, they can last a lifetime. If you make sure that they are looked after properly with a good dental hygiene regime, including brushing twice a day and regular professional cleaning, then they will last longer than they would if you were less vigilant.

Some Things To Consider

This procedure is only really suitable if you have a mouthful of missing or unhealthy teeth. If you have indications of severe parafunction, such as clenching or grinding of teeth, you may not be eligible for all-on-four implants as you could damage them and leaving you with no teeth at all. You need to have a certain amount of bone to be eligible for dental implants as it needs to be able to support the artificial teeth.

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