Dental Implants from CTG DENTALCARE

Nobody relishes the idea of dentures when it comes to their teeth, but living with gaps in your teeth can make you self conscious of your smile and has a detrimental effect on your dental health. Now with teeth implants from CTG Dentalcare you don’t have to keep suffering. Teeth implants cost very little compared to the day to day struggle with dentures or the shame of gaps in your smile and with our competitive prices and world renowned service it’s worth every penny.

How We Do It

Using cutting edge technology a titanium tooth root is placed in your jaw during a low risk operation and a model of your missing tooth placed on the ‘root’ which will feel indistinguishable from the tooth you lost. Even though the cost of dental implants is so reasonable we only use the best materials for the job. Titanium is now considered the metal most compatible with natural tissues as it creates an amazing cellular connection with bone, this means there is very little risk of it ever becoming loose or causing discomfort.

The reasons are more than just cosmetic for replacing missing teeth; the gaps in your smile are putting strain on your jaw and surrounding teeth when you chew, potentially causing more problems with your other teeth in the future.  Teeth implants are the closest thing to nature’s original design, which is always the best. And of course you can laugh with confidence again.   

Let’s Get You Smiling Again

With our finance and insurance scheme, the cost doesn’t have to be scary so arrange a free consultation in our clinic in London or Izmir or get a quote right now on our online form.  Contact us today and get smiling again. What Is an Implant?

Total prosthesis is not the only chance for toothless mouths anymore. An implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium in the shape of a tooth root and placed on the jawbone through an insignificant operation. Implants placed on the jawbone and prosthesis prepared getting support from these give the patients the feeling of chewing the food with their own teeth and are often preferred for this reason.

Why Titanium Implants?

Titanium is a metal of which tissue compatibility is perfect and which is used in many areas of the medicine with confidence. It cellularly holds on the place where it has been located on creating a special connection with the bone. When such holding-on is completed (2-6 months), it is proceeded with preparing the prosthesis called upper structure. Today, implants are incontestably the best alternative to the natural tooth.

For Which Situations Implants are Recommended?

On toothless lower and upper jaws, when the patient is unable to use his/her prosthesis for reason of osteolysis. Prosthesis is located on the implants placed and thus, retention is increased.

In case of loss of big molar teeth, if the back area is terminated toothlessly, then a fixed bridge may be made using a few implants to be placed instead of a removable partial prosthesis.

In case of loss of a single tooth, a single implant can be placed in lieu of that tooth maintaining the teeth on both sides of the lost tooth.

For long toothless spaces, since lengthiness of the bridge body will constitute a problem when a fixed bridge is made, support and durability of the bridge can be improved by means of one or more implants to be applied on the toothless area.

Are Implants Reliable and Durable?

The study carried out to create a reliable and high quality implant has been going on since 1809. While there are implants almost perfect and clinically followed up for 35 years in the market today, relatively new implant brands are also available. Your dentist will provide you with more detailed information in this respect.

What are the Benefits of Implant Applications?

Osteolysis occurred physiologically as the result of tooth losses or traumas experienced causes decrease in level and volume of the jawbone. It is an obstacle for proper functioning of the prosthesis to be applied. As a result, problems in chewing and talking are inevitable.

The main object of dentistry is to replace the lost teeth similarly to the natural tooth in terms of function and esthetics. The patient’s performing functions such as chewing, talking and laughing is more important than appearance. As the chewing function has been developed by the nature perfectly, complete repair of a lost tooth using any artificial thing is not possible. Implants, as a special application replacing the natural tooth, are a certain and the healthiest solution for any problem to be resulted from loss of teeth.

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