Extent of guarantee

We guarantee our work for a certain amount of time after the dental procedure. If, however, there are any defects in the work that we have done in the CTG Dentalcare clinic, we will do the necessary remedial work. On top of this, you will also receive a 10% discount on any of our hotels. In the case of less dramatic remedial procedures, the necessary work can be done by a dentist local to you and the bill forwarded to CTG Dentalcare. We allocate £25 or €30 for repairs that have to be dealt in this way.


Fixed restoration:

Crowns, bridges (temporaries not included)    3 years
Inlays/onlays (temporaries not included)    3 years
Fillings    2 years

Fixed&Removable restorations:

Partial Dentures (temporaries not included)    3 years
Full Dentures    2 years
Implants (only the product)    Lifetime

Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated under these circumstances:

Oral hygiene has been neglected.
Dentists’ instructions have not been followed.
Removable restorations have not been kept and maintained properly (for example, the neglect of dentures).
The patient has failed to visit a dentist for a routine check-up at least once a year.
The patient has lost or gained a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time.
The gum tissue is reducing naturally.
Accidental damage (for example dropping dentures).
The patient is in a general medical condition that affects the dental condition (for example, diabetes or osteoporosis).
The patient has not notified CTG Dentalcare prior to exercising their guarantee.

Not Included

We cannot guarantee temporary work, if the treatment has not been paid for in full or if accounts have not been honoured. Also not included in the guarantee are any after-treatments, such as removal of stitches.