Medical Travel Insurance

If you are considering travelling to Turkey for your inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures, then you will need specialist medical travel insurance. Your regular travel insurance may not cover dental treatments, cosmetic surgery or elective procedures.CTG Dentalcare recommends the Medical Travel Shield insurance policy, designed for UK nationals who are travelling abroad for medical procedures.

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Medical Travel Shield:

Covering travel for cosmetic surgery, dental procedures and elective surgery, Medical Travel Shield offer standard coverage for the issues of loss of passport, money and personal belongings; personal accident; and medical expenses (excluding those associated with the treatment, but including life-threatening complications). Specialist benefits include non-refundable treatment deposits in the event of a patient cancelling or delaying their trip; contributions toward accommodation and flights if the patient’s recovery takes longer than expected; and contributions to treatment fees if there are complications between discharge and arrival home. Medical Travel Shield also offer cover if you have to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful treatment.

Who is it for?

Those who are aged between 18 and 65, travelling abroad (excluding USA and Canada) from the UK (including Isle of Man and Channel Islands) for dental, cosmetic or elective medical procedures at a regulated clinic or practice. Insurance is also available for any companions travelling with the patients.

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So if you want cosmetic dentistry from CTG Dentalcare then you must also invest in specialist medical travel insurance from Medical Travel Shield.

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