A beautiful smile could be ruined when you need a crown. There are several different types of crown made from different materials, gold, porcelain and zirconium. Gold is soft and long-lasting; full porcelain is the most popular material but can break, and neither look completely natural. They often have a dark line where the crown meets the gum, which looks especially unpleasing when next to a natural tooth. Zirconium crowns look the most natural, so are the obvious choice for your new crown.

What Are They?

Made from solid blocks of Zirconia, they are formed into the right tooth shape and are then baked at an extremely high temperature. This means that are almost unbreakable, putting them at a distinct advantage over porcelain crowns, as they withstand the pressure of grinding. The crown is then coated in porcelain to retain a natural colour, it is then attached to an abutment in your gum (either synthetic or a portion of tooth). The crown reflects light in a similar way to a natural tooth, which means that it remains unnoticeable next to them. They do not corrode so you will not see a dark line next to the gum as with other crowns. One advantage of these types of crowns is that they can be attached to bulkier abutments as they have more strength by volume than porcelain.

How Long Will They Last?

As they are virtually unbreakable, zirconium can last a very long time. Whereas other crowns last around ten years, if well looked after a zirconium crown can last a lifetime.

Things To Consider

As zirconium is such a hard material, it can cause damage to other teeth, especially if you have a tendency to clench or grind your teeth.

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