Application of laser in dentistry allows making tooth treatments without pain, bleeding and anesthesia, cleaning decayed tissue in the teeth, treating gingival infections, carrying out cyst operations, in short, applying any kind of oral treatment.

Laser dentistry provides great convenience in treatment of the patients from any age group who have dental treatment phobia by usually shortening treatment time, ensuring to obtain more successful results making less effort.

The greatest advantages of laser are that it does not make disturbing noises and cause vibration while operating, thus preventing the patient to feel fear and pain due to such fear. Additionally, it does not require an injection as no anesthesia is required, and causes less bleeding in gingival and cyst operations, a faster healing by creating a sterile environment on the area of application by virtue of laser light, and no sensitivity and pain following the treatment.

Any treatment in dentistry related to soft and hard tissues in the mouth can be made by laser.

  • Cleaning of decayed tissues in the teeth;
  • Tooth bleaching.

A certain amount of gel is used also in this method. However, unlike tooth bleaching made using chemical materials, a special high energy light beam is applied. Light source can consist of a series of LED or diode-laser. It must be performed under the supervision of a dentist.

In laser bleaching operations, a better solution is possible in short notice.

For patients with excessive hyperpigmentation on their gums genetically, that problem can be eliminated by virtue of laser peeling in 3 or 4 sessions. Biolase technology is used in our center as laser applications.

  • Removal of the bone during extraction of the teeth embedded in the bone;
  • Cleaning of cysts on root apex;
  • Root canal therapy and its sterilizations;
  • Treatment of gingival infections,
  • Extension of tooth length by cutting gums for esthetic and cosmetic reasons;
  • Lip and tongue tie cuts,
  • Breaking of salivary stones,
  • Treatment of oral aphtas and ulcers;
  • Dental desensitization;
  • Removal of black pigmentation arising from hyperpigmentation in the gums is carried out successfully using laser.

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